Who is Rusty Walker?

Rusty Walker, the “Boat Biz Guru” provides you with over 40 years of successful Retail and F&I Management and Training in the Marine and Auto Industries. My true passion is helping dealer to achieve more, period.

I learned the Retail/Wholesale Auto Business in the late 1970’s. We started our first F&I department in 1984. In 2001 I took my skills and partnered with a friend and went into the boat business. We quickly grew to becoming a top 3 dealer in the country in several different product lines and never looked back. Then I helped a start up Marine Finance Company and acted as their director, overseeing the dealers and the F&I training side of the business.

I recently decided to go on my own and help dealers with their businesses. Anyone can consult, but I have proven results to get into your store and find your “rooms for gain” and then help you put the processes in place to achieve those gains………. and guess what?



We work with multiple products and companies that will add value to your services.


Quick and easy F&I Menu

A state of the art very quick and easy F&I Menu that can be shown in the Business office or even better can be sent remotely to every customer’s desktop, laptop, or iphone.

US Warranty

Extended Warranty

This is “hands down” the best coverage for the consumer and the dealer. It’s the best exclusionary coverage on the market with better terms and rates! Win, Win!


Gap Insurance

TLC is an industry leader in helping to protect customers against financial loss in case of a total insurance loss. It’s inexpensive and and has a high closing rate among customers.


Surface Protection

Customers love the opportunity to protect their “baby” and keep it looking new. Paint/Gel coat, Upholstry, Interior Microbial, and Ultra Shield to help with rock chip damage.

Cash Deals

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Inventory Control

  • Develop your core – For a simple ordering process and to maximize your turns per year and reduce and/or eliminate floor plan expenses.
  • Sell what you can See – Rotate inventory so as to have “AGED” inventory displayed to move!
  • Price to Move – Make sure to discount aged boats first.


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