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Rusty Walker “The Boat Biz Guru”, providing you with over 40 years of successful Retail Sales and F&I Management and Training in the Marine and Auto Industries.

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With this offer, you will receive your own phenomenal dealership video and use of that video for 90 days at no charge. If you decide to continue using Power Sports Menu, it’s only $349 per month. Continued consulting fees vary.


Desk Training – “Head Coach”

My approach trains the sales manager to structure a deal to maximize gross profit and customer satisfaction. It works across all 4 industries and with challenging inventories and staffing concerns it’s more important than ever. He or She guides the salesperson through the sales process while making sure T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. This is the most important job in the dealership!

  • Controlling Gross Profit – Where and how to start a deal and obtaining Trade Info
  • Set Up the Business Office / F&I – Identity type of Buyer: 4 square still works, Pay Range, Down Pay, etc.
  • One-Price Selling – Perceived upfront discounts.
  • Salesman’s Attitude – Make sure we remember Rule #1. We sell FUN!

Sales Training

The Offense

Our goal is to maximize gross profit on every deal, period. My unique and proven training method is simple and accomplishes that goal. Your sales team will learn the selection and commitment process and how to concentrate on aged inventory.

  • Sales Process – Steps to the Sale – “Hello to Good-bye”
  • Customer Experience – We sell FUN! Most Expensive toy most people will ever buy.
  • Inventory Strategy – SELL what you can SEE, Don’t SEE what you can SELL!
  • Follow Up – If your not following up, be assured that someone else is.
  • 100% Turn Over – Every customer, every time!
  • Service Walk – If you have a service department it’s imperative to introduce your customer to your service team.

Business Office F&I Training

The Defense

You can’t win without a great defense! This person makes sure the deal is perfect to go to the lenders for approvals and timely fundings. I have over 40 years of F&I training experience and can train all levels of this all important position. Whether you have In-House, Outside Provider, or a very sharp admin person, I train them all to sell back-end products at a VERY high level. But above all else, we train them to always protect the dealer and do things “By the Book”.

  • Customer Interview – The most important step in the F&I process. This is where you introduce yourself and ask the customer any questions you may have concerning his credit application and to verify down payment, amount financed, etc.
  • Structure Deal – Learn and structure all things necessary to send deals to various lenders for financing.
  • After Sale Products – My 40+ years of selling warranties, GAP Ins and Surface Protection Coverage are thoughtful and up front. The results are unsurpassed because people want to protect their prize! They just need to become aware of what’s available and allow them to decide. PowerSportsMenu is a great tool for that.
  • Lender Portfolio – Having the right amount and variety of lenders is crucial in getting as many approvals as possible.


We work with multiple products and companies that will add value to your services. Click logos to visit their websites.


Quick and easy F&I Menu

A state of the art very quick and easy F&I Menu that can be shown in the Business office or even better can be sent remotely to every customer’s desktop, laptop, or iphone.

US Warranty

Extended Warranty

This is “hands down” the best coverage for the consumer and the dealer. It’s the best exclusionary coverage on the market with better terms and rates! Win, Win!


Gap Insurance

TLC is an industry leader in helping to protect customers against financial loss in case of a total insurance loss. It’s inexpensive and and has a high closing rate among customers.


Surface Protection

Customers love the opportunity to protect their “baby” and keep it looking new. Paint/Gel coat, Upholstry, Interior Microbial, and Ultra Shield to help with rock chip damage.

Example of PowerSportsMenu. Click on image for more info.


We are highly regarded in our industry. Here’s what some leaders have to say about Walker Ventures.

Rusty Walker has the knowledge, experience and skills to help any marine dealership go to the next level.  There’s no shortage of “so called” consultants who want to look at your numbers and tell you where you can do better.  Rusty is different.  He has the ability and passion to get into the trenches and work with a dealer to put the  right processes in place.  In addition to process type training, he can provide individual sales training to help develop your staff.  Seeing a dealership grow and develop is what he truly lives for.

Mike Chappell, PowerSportsMenu

I had the pleasure of working with Rusty Walker for several years when he was the GM @ Thunder Marine, and I was the Nautic Star Boats regional sales manager. During my 40 years of the marine industry, it was clear these guys were pros compared to other vast marine dealers. They impressed me from the start and exceeded our expectations year after year. Rusty was an integral part of operations. He was professional, always had a positive attitude, great with customers, strong work ethic, well-liked by his peers and most important willingness to help others get better which is a unique talent. Any marine dealer would benefit greatly with his help.

Jeff Riggins, Avid Boats

In the late 90’s, Rusty and I worked in the Car Business together. We formed a bond that would last for years and when I was awarded the new Bayliner Boat Franchise in St Petersburg, I asked Rusty to join me in my new venture at Thunder Marine. We took what we knew from being successful in the Auto Industry and plugged it into the Marine Industry and never looked back. Rusty possesses the skill and experience to help a dealer at any level.  His processes have not been utilized in the mainstream marine industry. As a dealer, you can be confident that Rusty will produce improved results, both short and long term.

Steve Wacker, Thunder Marine

Cash Deals

Cash for your cash deals! Let’s face it, we don’t make any back end on most cash deals. When that customer has a check in hand, it’s hard to sell something after the fact. Turn your Cash deals into instant profits and keep your customers happy for years to come.

  • With my proven technique, 50% or more of your cash buyers will purchase after-sale products. It’s not hard. In fact, it’s simple and almost automatic. That profit adds up fast. If you don’t want to do it yourself, I will do it for you. It’s just that easy
  • With PowerSportsMenu, You can send all your cash deal customers a super cool personalized video menu with your various aftersale products. It is also a GREAT finance/payment video. Click here for a demo of It’s a game changer!

Inventory Control

  • Develop your core – For a simple ordering process and to maximize your turns per year and reduce and/or eliminate floor plan expenses.
  • Sell what you can See – Rotate inventory so as to have “AGED” inventory displayed to move!
  • Price to Move – Make sure to discount aged boats first.

Marine Documentation

Titling Issues –  I am associated with one of the top and knowledgeable Titling Agencies in Florida for New or Used Boats needing Coast Guard Certification.

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